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shona harris asked 1 month ago

Hi, did you know that the govt requires super funds to deduct automatically death and TPD insurance ?…this is until someone phones or writes to stop these auto insurance deductions !…wht happens for example with aboriginals that can’t read and write and don’t know this is happening to their super ?…eg our aboriginal worker peter Edmonds has been having his super auto zapped $75.00 per week ! since November 2013 !..he only just realised when he got a first and only letter in the mail on Friday and brought it to me ( his bosses wife and the bookkeeper ) to read ..peter did not know about this insurance and so I have written on his behalf for a full refund which I will pursue for him …but what about others who don’t have anyone to help or read their letters ….this is a crime and should be stopped Peter lost nearly $5000 per year by this for 5 years ! and and he is only on $23,000.00 per year ! thanks shona harris

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