About Us

As an Australian employee, you have no other choice but to sacrifice a portion of your income to your Superannuation, to be one day used for a blissful retirement.

But unfortunately Superannuation Companies have their greedy paws into your Superannuation, and are hoping you do not notice.

It’s only when you need that money to live in your old age, you will understand the injustice, of Companies who steal your Superannuation legally, with fees and charges.

There are good companies that will make your future better, but very few compared to those with malicious intention.

These rich, powerful parasites can sabotage make stupid decisions with your money, continue to charge you fees for the privelage.

Superannuation.com is the antidote to this industry illness.

We offer monitoring, coaching and protection services aimed at ensuring your Super is not abused:

  • Guidance & Education: we teach you facts about superannuation and how to regain control of your own with company reviews and suggested service providers.
  • Ensure you are up-to-date with the latest news & changes in the superannuation industry
  • Provide you with knowledge about immoral superannuation companies who eventually lose your retirement money

At Superannuation.com, we work as part-industry insider and part-guide so you become well informed and make the best decisions with your money.

Now is the time to choose wisely.

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