Superannuation is SO Overwhelming…
Am I wrong ?

Unless your new to the Workforce, you will know that almost 10% of your wage is being FORCED into Superannuation, whether you like it or not…

This is frustrating for many Australians, because our wages should be able to be used for anything we like.

I would like my wages to be used for my mortgage on my home, or to launch my business (this website), or pay off debts, but instead I have to put it away into a Superannuation fund I will never hear of again.

Until they send me a report on all the FEES I am being charged, and the Money I am losing….

And finding a decent Superannuation Company from the 400 Superannuation Companies to trust is so difficult, and so time consuming…

This is unfair, and UN-Australian…

It seems as though all Superannuation Companies are the same, and are only out for my money…


Superannuation Companies are all the same…

Superannuation Companies in Australia are all stupid.  They all get the same return on investment (about 7%), and charge ridiculous fees for that privelage.    

What is the point of Superannuation ?

They say Superannuation is to set you up for retirement, and ensure you are well looked after in your old age, but is not correct… It’s designed to prop up the Australian Economy, and the Australian Real Estate Industry, and the top 10 Companies on the stock market, while the individual hard working Australians never WIN…    

Who am I, and what do I know about Superannuation ?

My name is Jesse Waheed, and I am not a financial wizard… I am an IT Geek… But when I got a letter with my Superannuation Report showing my fees, I was offended. I couldn’t believe they could get away with it… And from an ‘Industry Superfund’  

I received $37 in interest, and got charged $375 in fees…. How is that even LEGAL ?

  With a little online online research, you will find the same conclusion that I did. That this industry is a CASH COW, for the Banks, who least deserve it… So I am getting involved, and giving a Voice Back to the People…      

Only 3.5 per cent of Australians believe they will have more than enough money to maintain their lifestyles in retirement.

Do I have a solution to offer ?

  I was looking for a reputable Superannuation Company to trust, with low fees and high investment returns just like you are. That have integrity and high level of transperancy… It took me many months of research, and hours comparing funds and fee structures to find the company I invested my hard earned Superannuation into.    

15.5% Return on Investment Last Year… 2.2% fe

  invest in the same is geared toward the elite, because they get massive tax breaks even avoiding tax on Superannuation over $1,000,000 Yet the typical Australian, has no

If you’re an Australian Employee, you would have noticed 9.5% (as of July 2014) of your wage gets put away for your retirement, until your 65 and can spend it.

The challenge is to get the best return on your investment from the day you are paid that Superannuation contribution, until many years later when you actually retire.

Unlike many others, I have the belief that your Superannuation is your “PLAN B”, and that throughout your life you will build wealth in other ways.

In my opinion things like Business, Savings, Property, Inheritance, Stocks, Higher Income, can be earned throughout a person’s lifetime, and are be used to live a fulfilling retirement.


However, even though Superannuation is a “PLAN B”, you should still take it very seriously. It is your money, you worked hard for it…

Most people have several different Super Accounts, because they have had several jobs in their life. Although, each account is charged huge fees, and that is just wrong.


Which type of Investment to Choose for your Superannuation

With Super, and the many investment options to choose from, I like to keep it simple.

I prefer an option that I can rest assured will be there when I am 65. I do not look at my
Super annuation as a way to invest, but rather a way to ensure I have some money at that age.

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